Buck Sexton lashed-out at hypocrite Hollywood celebrities on Tuesday night, blasting the liberal activists for helping Harvey Weinstein carry-out his “grotesque” sexual attacks for decades while pretending to fight misogyny and sexism.

“This Weinstein thing is just grotesque. These Hollywood types for a couple of days were all quiet, they were waiting to see, they were fence-sitting on this guy who is so powerful, so connected to the Democrat party,” said Buck.

“Revered in top, elite Hollywood circles… Meryl Streep referred to him as a god in front of as many people as humanly possible,” he added. “This loathsome, predatory, disgusting human being was able to go and do things for decades that the non-Harvey Weinsteins of the world […] If you’re not Harvey Weinstein, and you do some of the things that this guy did, you don’t have to just worry about your career you’re looking at prison time, serious prison time.”

“He was not just able to go on about his assault spree and all these horrific machinations to just prey on people, prey on their insecurities, prey on their dreams. He was ripping away from people, from young women in this industry […] When you look into this, and you see what he was able to do for so long, he had enablers,” Sexton said.

“One component of this that never gets enough attention is that he had an army of lawyers at his beck and call that would help him silence women that he allegedly sexually assaulted. What kind of lawyer does that and thinks that he or she is ethical?” asked Buck.

“I understand that Harvey Weinstein’s the one that’s doing this stuff, but there’s a lot of blame, a lot of guilt to go around,” he added.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.