Speaking on his national radio program, host Buck Sexton slammed hypocrite Hollywood liberals who helped Harvey Weinstein cover-up his sexual misconduct allegations for decades, but are now coming-out against the high-powered producer.

“It’s coming out now. All these people that are rushing to denounce Harvey Weinstein, many of them were cowards when it counted,” said Buck. “There was a piece out about how the New York Times was going to run something critical about Weinstein many years ago and didn’t. Why? Because Harvey would want revenge and they were scared.”

“You can’t read about this stuff without thinking people didn’t know about this? Those around him didn’t know about this?” asked Sexton. “The same standard should apply, all the media outrage. I’m assuming enormous sexual harassment lawsuits will be forthcoming against Harvey Weinstein, against his company, the tentacles of this stretch far and wide.”

“This is a disaster for progressive elite Hollywood,” he added. “To stand tall and be brave and speak truth to power when Weinstein [was caught]… He got fired from his own company. He is out, he is gone.”

“This is indicative of the hypocrisy. And it’s why so many of my friends here in New York City and all the Democrats I know; many of them say Trump lies or he gets things wrong and he attacks the media all the time,” said Sexton.

“I just want to say to them, ‘We see the hypocrisy of those who think they’re the ones in charge of calling balls and strikes for every national conversation that matters. We see the way the media operates whether it’s on healthcare, or immigration, or sexual harassment allegations against very powerful men. The hypocrisy is just too much, we choke on it,’” he added.

“This Weinstein thing, this was covered up for decades,” said Buck.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.