Speaking on ‘America Now’ Thursday evening, host Buck Sexton called-out hypocritical Democrats who used sexual harassment claims as a political weapon, saying they didn’t realize they had “unleashed” a movement that could destroy their own party.

“I think that the Democrats didn’t realize what they had unleashed here as a political movement, with the zero-tolerance rhetoric around sexual harassment and sexual abuse that they’ve all been adopting recently,” said Buck.

“They’ve pushed so hard on this notion, and it’s so widespread, that it’s very hard –even for hypocritical two-faced Democrats- to walk it back. It’s too much even for them,” he added. “It’s a pretty safe-bet that there’s going to be more. I was telling you that there would be more in the media and there was… and I was telling you that DC was next.”

“You have very powerful men who are working in environments where they are sometimes looked up to, even revered by some of their employees,” Sexton said.

“A lot of Capitol Hill staffers are underpaid, over-worked, and very replaceable. Just like the situation in media. That creates a toxic dynamic with a predator. He sees the opportunity and wants to exploit,” he added.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.