Speaking on ‘America Now’ Tuesday night, Buck Sexton weighed-in on law enforcement’s recent decision to officially change the timeline of events surrounding the Las Vegas massacre, saying it was “strange” that Americans still aren’t getting accurate information regarding the shooting.

“I have avoided being in any way conspiratorial about the horrific shooting in Las Vegas a week ago. I haven’t been somebody who has gone forward with flimsy theories about a second or third shooter. I haven’t pretended to have sources inside law enforcement who any minute are going to be breaking what the motive is in this shooting,” said Buck.

“This is a very serious incident that affects the national conversation about guns. It is a tragedy for all Americans and we are deeply saddened for those who are lost and their families,” he added. “The truth matters in all this, and we should still want to get to the bottom of everything that we can.”

“That’s why last week I was saying to you, ‘What’s with this timeline?’ It just didn’t make sense. We’ve got to look at this timeline. 75 minutes went by before they entered the shooters room from the first shots?” asked Sexton.

“It seems strange to say the least […] They had to make a change in the timeline, but this is a rather important change, isn’t it?” asked Buck. “We were told that the security guard in the hallway was a hero because of the timeline. We were told that he went up there after the shooting to help find the shooter.”

“I don’t think that there’s any ill intent here. But I do wonder if there was some decision in the upper reaches of law enforcement involved in this issue to change this a little bit,” he added.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.