Buck Sexton threw cold-water on the frenzied media’s non-stop coverage of Michael Flynn’s guilty plea on ‘America Now’ Friday, saying the liberal press is desperately trying to convince Americans that the former NSA’s admission to lying to the FBI is more evidence of “Russia-Trump collusion.”

“Here’s the way that it’s presented, here’s what they’re telling you: That, sure enough, another former senior Trump administration figure is facing federal criminal charges. That where there’s smoke there’s fire, and this is more smoke, and it must mean that there’s some massive conspiracy that they still can’t really define,” said Buck.

“When it comes to the whole Russia-Trump election situation, the [Democrats] have to identity… conspiracy to what? Conspiracy to get information? They can’t identify it. ‘Collusion’ is a much more malleable term,” he added. “It’s just nonsense. It’s just complete and utter nonsense because they can’t even define what it is we’re trying to figure out.”

“What they’re really hoping is that there will be some conversation that would involve administration figures telling Russians to hack into DNC servers, that’s the only semi-logical hope that they have,” Sexton said.

“But that wouldn’t make any sense. The Russians, if they did do that, certainly don’t need the help from the administration. And if you believe the allegations about Russia collusion with WikiLeaks, they have no problem putting that information out in the public for anyone to see,” said Buck.

“So, what exactly is the story we’re supposed to arrive at here?” he asked.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.