National radio host Buck Sexton unloaded on disgraced NBC anchor Matt Lauer and those who enabled his despicable behavior on Wednesday, saying everyone knew “he was gross” and those closest to him are “straight up lying.”

“I’ve been saying, oh wait, just wait for the media’s glee at some of the fallen figures from Fox News, just wait until you see what’s going on at the other news networks,” said Buck. “I don’t just say it as a guest. You see it from where I’m at in the media game. I know a lot of the younger […] female producers at different networks. I’ve worked with them, I interact with them, and I hear stuff. I hear things.”

“You hear the equivalent of, ‘That’s a guy you don’t want to get in the elevator with.’ Lauer, it was known that he was gross. It was known, these people are liars. They are straight up lying to you now,” he added.

“People are saying, ‘We had no idea, Matt was wonderful, Matt was amazing.’ Okay. You had no idea that the following was happening with the highest paid TV news personality?” asked Sexton. “You might think that $25 million a year would buy some level of professionalism from an employee.”

“Lauer’s getting paid $25 million a year. He’s getting to interview Presidential candidates and Presidents. He’s treated as the pinnacle of the journalistic establishment, and he’s got all these people around him now who are saying we had no idea,” he added.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.