National radio host Buck Sexton weighed-in on the GOP’s proposed tax legislation on Thursday, wondering why the new bill largely ignores the middle class and focuses exclusively on corporate tax cuts, saying “I just don’t trust that.”

Sexton was commenting on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ statement on the Republican tax bill, where she failed to mention how the proposal would help America’s working men and women.

“Did you get any specifics on how this is going to help the middle class? Because I didn’t. Did you get any specifics on how you’re going to be paying less on taxes? Because I didn’t. Why is this so complicated? Why are we not being told exactly how it will be better for the middle class?” asked Buck.

“The earning class, households that are trying to pay their bills, how will it make things better for them?” he pressed. “Maybe hiring will improve when there’s this windfall of cash that comes into the economy from overseas, but that will take a while.”

“We’re all supposed to celebrate a bill that we don’t really know what’s in it yet. A lot of enthusiasm and the only thing we’re sure about is the corporate tax cut. We know what those numbers are and we know that’s at the top of this. Everything else is secondary,” Sexton said.

“I just don’t trust that. The Trump movement is supposed to be about helping working men and women but we’re first and foremost going to focus on corporations. Why can’t we do both?” Buck asked.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.