Speaking on ‘America Now’ Monday night, host Buck Sexton outlined the liberal attacks on Christopher Columbus and other European explorers, saying “woke” left-wing activists view Columbus as the start of the evil “European colonial process” at the heart of the world’s problems.

“Rethinking Colonialism, because the Columbus discussion is in many ways a reflection of the left’s views on colonialism, which if you are ‘woke’ in the parlance of the contemporary progressive [movement.] ‘Woke’ is socially aware, it’s social justice aware, it’s a malleable definition,” said Buck.

“If you are ‘woke’ when someone brings up colonialism, you have a whole series of responses that you go into. How it’s racist, and genocide, and it’s white supremacy, all these things that are attached to it,” he added.

Buck goes on to say the liberal “theme” of anti-colonialism defines the world view of the contemporary Democratic party; remaining the root cause of problems throughout Africa, the Middle East, and beyond.

“It is a central theme for the way that the Democrat party and progressives today understand the world,” said Sexton. “Why is sub-Saharan Africa, why is the Middle East, why are these parts of the world the way they are today when you look at some of the problems, some of the regressive government behaviors and everything else that’s going on there.”

“They blame it on colonialism. And that also ties in to Columbus because he was the start of colonialism. Columbus began that whole European colonial process,” he added.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.