National radio host Buck Sexton weighed-in on the escalating nuclear crisis engulfing the international community on Thursday, writing in the Hill that the US must “learn to defend” itself against an ICBM-equipped North Korea that can reduce any American city to ashes.

We are witnessing the last phase of Kim Jong Un’s quest for a thermonuclear ICBM that can hit any part of the mainland United States. With the launch of the newly unveiled Hwasong-15 over nearly 3,00 miles into the sky, North Korea is closer than ever to this goal. After decades of bipartisan wishful thinking and diplomatic naivety, the incontrovertible fact remains that the United States and our allies have been unsuccessful in stopping North Korea’s nuclear weapons progress.

The chances we will succeed in stopping Kim Jong Un now are slim. And that means we may soon be in a world where we must learn to defend against a North Korea that has the ability to turn any major U.S. city into rubble.

For their part, the Trump administration refuses to accept such an end state. President Trump said in response to the most recent launch that it is an issue the U.S. “will handle.” U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, echoing her rhetoric from September about Kim “begging for war,” said earlier this week “if war comes, make no mistake, the North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed.” That a senior diplomat is speaking openly about the prospect of annihilating millions encapsulates the gravity of this moment.

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