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Dems $350B Plan to ‘Fight Systemic Racism’ Essentially a Quid Pro Quo

You have to hand it to Democrats, when they sense they have a political winner, they go all in.

Senate Democrats on Thursday announced a plan to invest $350 billion over five years into initiatives that would address systemic racism and be injected into communities of color.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, took the lead on the proposal that would be financed in part by $200 billion of unused funds from the CARES Act.

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” said the bill is a blatant attempt by Schumer and Democrats to buy votes.

“Pay off the base, folks,” Sexton said. “That’s what this is.”

Sexton said it is obvious that the Senate Republican are not going to approve such a bill, but said “this is now where you see what the real game plan is.”

“Democrats are saying, ‘We just need to write a check from the taxpayers’ bank account for $350 billion to tackle systemic racism.’ Write a check to communities of color, and make sure that they come out in full force for Democrats this fall. There’s the payoff,” he said.

Schumer said in the statement that these communities have long suffered from “structural inequalities have persisted in health care and housing, the economy and education. Covid-19 has only magnified these injustices and we must confront them with lasting, meaningful solutions that tear down economic and social barriers, and reinvest in historically underserved communities. The Economic Justice Act is a needed step in a long journey to address systematic racism and historic underinvestment in communities of color.”

The bill calls for $115 billion to be directed to infrastructure, $40 billion to new homeownership and $24 billion to connect workers to federal jobs and hiring programs.

Sexton said that mobilizing the base through these protests that were ostensibly focused on social change has been the Democrat focus all along. He called the Schumer plan, “classic quid pro quo power politics.”

He said Democrats couldn’t care less about making the streets safer for inner cities or stopping police violence. Their support for these anti-police protests have always been about securing a decisive victory in 2020.

“This is white liberals atop the Democrat Party finding out ways to stay in power by writing checks as payoffs to constituencies that they have convinced that they have no other choice in the political system and need to support them. And we’ll get paid for their trouble. That’s what’s going on,” Sexton said. 

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