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How Long Before Anarchists in Portland, Seattle Begin Killing?

Buck Sexton, the host of the “Buck Sexton Show,” said Monday that identifying the white liberals who break windows at Amazon Go stores and their local Starbucks are given too much credit when called “anarchists” and should be identified as pseudo-revolutionaries or “little storm troopers” working on behalf of Democrats.

Sexton was taking a shot at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s remarkable comment on Twitter when she called federal troops trying desperately to get a handle on Portland “stormtroopers” in tweet. The city’s Democrat mayor has been criticized for taking a tougher stance against the troops there to help than the protesters literally destroying his city. 

These protesters have benefited from political cover from Democrats throughout the unrest in wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody. Sexton made it clear that these protesters are useful tools for Democrats. 

“You know, they’re never attacking things that Democrats find sacred,” Sexton said. “They’re only attacking things that are either underlying foundational elements of the American polity, the American state, or just Republican and right-wing conservative issues.”

Sexton said all of the protesters will vote for Joe Biden. But despite the protests and Biden’s benign stance on them, an NBC Meet the Press” poll revealed last week that Biden only had a 26 percent favorability rating among voters aged 18 to 34. Forty-four percent looked upon Biden unfavorably. Mediaite reported that Trump lags behind Biden in the same poll, but those numbers indicate that these young voters—that the Democrats are banking on—could stay home on Election Day.

Sexton said that despite Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., insisting that crime levels are up due to the poor being unable to afford a loaf of bread, the people destroying these cities are the actual fascists and brownshirts of our era.

“They’re out there in the streets hurting people who disagree with their politics,” Sexton said. “They’re out there as abolitionists that are demanding political, emotional and psychological concessions under the threat of force. I mean, this is a domestic terror operation, really.”

Sexton said that, at the moment, these protesters are not killing people who disagree with them, but that might not be too far beyond them. There have been videos released that showed protesters emboldened when squaring off with police and at times get physical.

Sexton said protesters are not at the point of dramatically increasing the violence level because it is “just not useful right now.”

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