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FBI Investigation into Hunter Biden Proves Trump Was Right to Seek Info from Ukraine

Buck Sexton, the host of the “Buck Sexton Show,” said reports that continue to be published about Hunter Biden and his business associates is proof that President Trump was right to inquire with his Ukrainian counterpart about the Biden family’s dealings in the country.

James Rosen, an investigative journalist at Sinclair who once worked at Fox News, reported on Thursday that a team of FBI agents conducted “an important interview, within the past week” and collected digital evidence into Hunter Biden and his business associates. Rosen reported that in 2019, the FBI opened a criminal investigation that is focused on alleged money laundering, which “remains open and active today.”

“Hat tip to James Rosen over at Sinclair for being the guy who broke the story,” Sexton said.

“But think about this,” he said. “The United States Congress, with the Democrat majority in the House– of course– on a party-line vote, impeach the president of the United States. And then Senate Democrats, plus Mitt Romney, RHINO, vote to remove President Trump from office” because he requested a “foreign counterpart look into allegations that there was corruption going on with Hunter Biden.”


Joe Biden has consistently said that there was no foul play. 

Sexton recalled how Democrats insisted how Trump’s concerns about Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Ukraine were “all fake” and they insisted that the president was President Volodymyr Zelensky that was flagged by a whistleblower complaint that then evolved into the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry. Democrats claimed that Trump’s alleged pressure campaign on Zelensky for dirt on Hunter Biden was an impeachable offense because he was using his office to get dirt on a political opponent.

“Here is the problem my friends, that never made any sense and was always an obvious lie,” Sexton said.

Sexton said that it can now be proven because “what do you really have is the president of United States talking to a foreign counterpart on the phone and asking about something that, not only should have been investigated by Ukrainian authorities but was also under investigation by U.S. Federal authorities.”

But Sexton said that none of this matters to the mainstream media or their Democrat allies on Capitol Hill. The media is doing its best to suppress the Hunter Biden dumpster fire in hopes that it can get Joe Biden across the finish line without having to answer any questions on the subject. Biden will continue granting interviews to Cardi B and Oprah because his campaign still believes that Americans have had enough with Trump due to the constant attacks on his presidency.

“Whatever they have to do to stop President Trump, the mainstream media, the Democrat Party entirely justifies it,” he said. “Whatever works.”

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