Sunday, May 16, 2021

Miles Taylor: The Current Google Employee Who Wrote the ‘Anonymous Op-Ed’ on Trump

Miles Taylor, a former policy adviser at the Department of Homeland Security, revealed himself in a statement on Wednesday that he in fact is the author of the opinion piece in The New York Times about President Trump in September 2018.

“Donald Trump is a man without character. It’s why I wrote “A Warning”…and it’s why me & my colleagues have spoken out against him (in our own names) for months. It’s time for everyone to step out of the shadows,” said Taylor in a tweet linked to his official statement. In the 2018 op-ed, Taylor described himself as a member “of the resistance inside the Trump administration” who was one of several officials “working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.” 

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Since June 2019, Taylor was employed in a public policy role at Google. In response to Taylor’s public reveal, Google confirmed he is still a company employee but has been on unpaid leave since August.

“This guy should be prosecuted,” said President Trump while on a campaign stop in Goodyear, Ariz.. “He should be prosecuted. The left wing media and the swamp are doing everything in their power to try to stop us.”

“Who is Miles Taylor?” tweeted out President Trump. “Said he was “anonymous”, but I don’t know him – never even heard of him. Just another [The New York Times] SCAM – he worked in conjunction with them. Also worked for Big Tech’s [Google]. Now works for Fake News [CNN]. They should fire, shame, and punish everybody…”

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