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Biden’s ‘Win’ Didn’t Lead to Trump Supporters Burning Down Stores

Last week, Jimmy Kimmel, the woke host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” blamed President Trump over the fact that businesses across the U.S. had to board up their establishments due to the very real possibility of post-election violence.

The funnyman, who managed to emerge from offensive blackface scandals, told his audience that the reason these businesses needed to seem like they were preparing for Armageddon is that Trump didn’t Make America Great Again, and that was the proof.


Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” said on Monday that the only reason that some stores have been able to remove their plywood and were spared from post-election destruction was that Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential contest.

“The barricades, the wooden barriers around businesses here in New York City, they’ve started to come down. Why? Because Democrats aren’t going to riot,” Sexton said. “We all know that. That’s what that’s all about. That’s what they were preparing for.”


He continued, “Not a single business owner, not a single person walking down the street peaceably across the country has any fear of a Trump mob coming after them. It’s not true in the other direction. It’s not true about Democrats, Black Lives Matter Supporters, ANTIFA and we all know it. What does that tell you? But just remember, as these legal challenges begin to make their way through this process that they are completely legitimate to ask these questions, to pose these challenges in the right forum in the right way. And we continue to fight. This is not over yet.”

President Trump and his legal team said they will challenge the results of the election in key swing states after what they said seemed like irregularities in the voting process and the vote count. He said Trump supporters, who are unhappy about the election result are waiting to have their day in court, and he said it was bizarre that Democrats and their cohorts in the media have already tried to write off anyone skeptical of the results as a conspiracy theorist.

“There is no problem other than Democrats want to have victory parties right away,” Sexton said. “They want to jump right to the part where we all have to just accept their demands. and anybody who has any questions about the legitimacy of this Biden win is a bad person who doesn’t believe in math and science and whatever else they’re going to say.”

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