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COVID-19 Pandemic Played Major Role in 2020 Election

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” said Wednesday that the coronavirus pandemic—and subsequent lockdowns and unemployment played a major role in potentially giving the presidency to Joe Biden.

Democrats spent Trump’s entire presidency trying to nail him for years on Russia collusion and a pressure campaign on Ukraine for dirt on Biden’s family’s business dealings. Trump was impeached, but Democrats fell short of the votes they desperately wanted to remove him from office.

Trump went from Alexander Vindman to vindicated on Feb. 5, and got to enjoy the moment for a mere days before the coronavirus started to make its presence on the world stage. Before Senate and House Democrats and their media brethren had a chance to dust themselves off, they were presented with a once-a-century crisis and used it. (Remember the coronavirus?)


Sexton said Democrats saw a new vulnerability and attacked, but even with the pandemic and its inherent challenges, the American public looked at Biden, and was reminded of the chaos that comes with the party. Old Joe fared much better than down-ticket Dems.

“The American people were able to see through the media smear campaigns and smoke screens and understand that, yeah, the rioting left-wing lunatic party, probably not who we want in charge going forward,” Sexton said.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Biden was named by the media as the winner of the presidential election. Trump and his campaign have challenged the election in courts and claim widespread voter fraud.

Sexton said that regardless of the outcome, the Trump movement will not stop.

“Let’s be clear about this,” Sexton said. “There are political aspirations in that family beyond President Trump. What do they think happens now…we’re all going to be quiet…unity?”

Sexton said Democrats have essentially said: “You will kneel and join us, or we will see to it that you never hold a job again. We are taking lists.”

“I say we’re not going to do that,” Sexton said. “I’d rather continue the fight, continue to make the argument. Yes, respect the rules of our system, because that’s essential to our side. We believe in rules and laws and the constitution. We believe that we’re having these political debates with a framework established by the framers, by the founding fathers.”

Sexton said Trumpism is not just about a single issue and it is “here to stay, my friends.”

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