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Dems Expect Us to Believe in Coincidence, Sexton Says

Buck Sexton, the host of The Buck Sexton Show,” said Thursday that Democrats appear to hope that you believe that every single time that a bulk of new ballots are located, they magically go Democrat 80-90%.

“It has yet to be the case, from what I’ve seen, that there’s been a single instance of magically found ballots that all go for Trump,” Sexton said. “And we’re supposed to believe this is all a coincidence. In fact, what we are told now by the Democrats is to respect the system. Obey what the people in charge tell you to do. Don’t question, don’t undermine. This is about our sacred democracy.”


President Trump and his legal team have filed lawsuits and challenged the vote-counting taking place in major cities like Philadelphia, Detroit and Atlanta. Trump is currently leading Joe Biden by under 14,000 votes with 98% of the precincts reporting. Biden was declared the winner of Michigan and is leading Trump by about 50,000 votes with 98% of the precincts reporting, and Pennsylvania, which was seen as the Keystone State for the election for both candidates is seen as “up for grabs,” according to the New York Times. Bill Stepien, Trump’s campaign manager, predicted a victory.

Pro-Trump protests broke out in Arizona and Las Vegas over the past 24 hours. Trump’s team knew that Biden would be dominant in the mail-in ballot counts, but there are allegations that illegal counting in polling places in Detroit.

Sexton said that this is war and “we are war time conservatives.”

“That’s what they haven’t recognized about the Trump movement,” Sexton said. “We tried the other way; we tried the, ‘We’ll take the high road; we’ll be gentle in our political battles.’” But he said that effort has failed.

Sexton said that Republicans could learn from Trump and how he responds to liberals. He said Trump is not going to play by the rules that they set.

“That’ the Trump approach to politics. And that’s why he has started a movement, because it is the other side. Don’t ever forget this. It is the left that has broken norms. It is the left, that for four years, lied about the president of the United States being a traitor, being a Russian asset, a pawn of the Kremlin who stole a U.S. presidential election for four years.”

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