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Did the Media Just Forget About the Coronavirus?

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” said Friday that it was curious that the media just seemed to stop mentioning the coronavirus pandemic just in time for what looks like a Joe Biden presidential victory.

Sexton, who has been a fierce critic of statewide lockdowns, pointed to how Democrats weaponized COVID-19 in an effort to undermine President Trump’s 2020 election chances. Sen. Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, essentially blamed Trump for homicide over the U.S. death toll and Biden raised suspicions about any vaccine that could be released under a Trump administration could be rushed and dangerous.


“It was depressing for the nation, but it may have worked,” he said. “It may work.”

Sexton said that Democrats and their media cohorts appeared to have all of their moving parts in place. They seemed to effectively use the coronavirus against Trump, and sold Americans that the government knows what it’s doing when it comes to lockdowns. They’re now selling that Americans should just blindly trust the government when it comes to the vote tallies.

“Notice how people are much less concerned about the coronavirus, but all of a sudden they’re just concerned about Joe Biden being president,” Sexton said.

Sexton pointed out that mail-in ballots have always been questioned.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr said in an interview on CNN in September that elections that have been held with massive mail-in voting have generally found “substantial fraud and coercion.”

The attorney general said that the claim has been written about in academic studies and in newspapers, but the media’s warm embrace of the practice only changed when President Trump came into office.

Sexton said that Democrats only worry about the “end result.”

“All that matters to them is that they’re in a position of victory. All the other rules and the regualtions and laws are irrelevant,” he said.

“It was understood until now, the same way that it was known by the health authorities until this year, by the way, they won this election because of the COVID lockdowns in history,” Sexton said. “Let’s be very clear about that. If they end up winning the election, let’s understand that the game worked.”

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