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Trump has made conservatism cool: he wins no matter what

I got to tell you, President Trump wins no matter what. I think he’s going to end up President for four more years. I just feel it a gut feeling in large part because he’s not done yet.

Even if Donald Trump ends up losing this election, whether it’s a narrow loss or a pretty big one, which if you believe these polls, which I have not believed up to this point, but I could be wrong and people don’t know, no one can predict the future. But even if Trump does lose, here’s the part that the Libs, the Democrats, the media, the left that they don’t want to talk about: The Trump movement’s not over!

Look at what has happened, we can point to four years here of tremendous economic growth, which proves out the model. Lower taxes, less regulation, more of a focus on letting the business of the American people be business, pushing for growth, ingenuity, innovation, having the government be helpful to the creators, helpful to the doers, instead of always standing in their way, makes it better for everybody. Wages go up. Household income goes up. The market, yeah, I know, it’s all for fat cats, right? Unless you have a pension plan or 401K, then the market is something that matters to you a lot too. And Trump proved out this model was remarkably effective with all of it.

But that’s just the results that we can point to. You can also look at China, the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which even Nancy Pelosi had to say was good. For now, she tries to take credit for it and for Congress, of course. But at the end of the day, Trump is the one who pushed it. And he was right in the beginning. Remember when he was targeted for doing that, as being the madman for even considering it, that he was going to ruin the economy. Same thing with the trade war with China. It turned out that the president was right on that one, too. China has been stealing, quite literally, stealing intellectual property from us for decades to the tune of billions of dollars. China has been cheating on trade deals, cheating on its obligations to the international community, the World Trade Organization, without any real penalty. So, Trump comes along and says enough is enough.

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Another major point Trump proved during his presidency, is the fact that a United States President does not start a new war, which is the first time we’ve seen that in decades. And you’d think that the media and maybe the anti-war left would make a bigger deal out of that, but no they have no interest in that because it’s all about politics.

As you are getting ready to watch the results tonight, I want to leave you all with this: The Trump movement is not going away!

He either wins; and then, of course, we got four more years and we’re not tired of winning. Or if Trump does lose, which is possible, you know what happens then?

The lessons we’ve learned about being wartime conservatives, but understanding that if you want to enact good policies, you have to win. You can’t bend the knees, beg forgiveness for things you haven’t done. Constantly try to pretend to be a moderate when the other side has no interest in that anyway.

The absolutism of the left has hardened conservatives into a place where going forward they understand that we are in a battle for the future of this country. And to the victor go the spoils, my friends.

Now, fortunately for the left, if we win, it’s good for them because we’ll be in a better, safer, more prosperous country. A country with law and order, a country with respect to the constitution, a country that believes that individual hard work and property rights should be respected and elevated and that we shouldn’t fall into this morass of socialism.

The Trump movement’s not going away, if anything, he was just the first one into the breach. The president was the one waving his sword around saying: “all right, everyone else, let’s go.” And if he doesn’t get to be president for the next four years. Guess what? He’s created an army of tens of millions of Trump supporters who view this country’s future very differently now, one in which they know that they actually not only have a stake but have a role in fighting for that future.

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And there’s not nearly enough attention paid to this either: Trump has made conservatism cool.

We are the counterculture and we say we celebrate that. Look at our memes, look at the way that we own the libs, look at the way that we understand how this kind of messaging plays a role, the cultural messaging plays a role in our politics.

Trump has added this injection of Alpha into all of this. And that’s going to have an impact for a long time. So just remember that I’m hoping that tonight goes the way we wanted to. But even if it doesn’t, the “MAGA Movement” friends, what Trump has started here, It’s really just beginning.

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