Trump’s Record is His Best Case for Re-Election: Buck Sexton

President Trump, who prior to 2016 was a New York real estate mogul, shocked the country when he defeated the Clinton Dynasty for the White House, which raised the question: How would a businessman with no political experience run the most powerful country on Earth?

Trump put those questions to rest by overseeing a robust economy prior to the pandemic, holding China accountable for trade imbalances and intellectual property theft and scoring historic peace deals between Israel and some of its neighbors, Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” said Tuesday.


Americans across the country are heading out to vote and their choice could not be more clear: They can choose Joe Biden, a life-long politician who claims to be the one to make the changes to the country’s systemic racism. He also claims to be the candidate to lead the country through the pandemic while hinting at another shutdown. Or you have Trump, who consistently strikes an optimistic tone and vowed not to ever shut the country down again.


“The first three years of the Trump presidency were three of the best years I can remember in this country in my lifetime,” Sexton said. Sexton said that he remembered November 2019 and saying, “Enjoy this, friends….booming economy, peace time, just nothing but options and opportunity out there all across America.”

He said it was a time that Democrats had to work hard at finding something to criticize, so they worked at making Trump out to be Hitler and a Russian asset. (Ah, the good-old days.) Sexton also mentioned Trump’s Supreme Court appointments that prompted Democrats to promise that they will pack the court in response.

Sexton said one of the best contributions Trump has made to the country is saving it from four years of Hillary Clinton.

“That alone is a tremendous service to the American people, not just to Republicans, to everybody,” Sexton said. “Hillary Clinton is a rapacious, greedy, unbelievably amoral person with a hold in her soul that will only be filled with power and money, and we all know it. Trump prevented four years of that. And so, we should be thankful.”

Sexton, who predicted a Trump victory, said his supporters should already feel good about what they achieved thus far.

“So remember, Trump was supposed to be the guy who did not understand policy, and on his biggest policy initiatives on the domestic front and dealing with trade, internationally, he was remarkably successful.