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Why is it Always Democrat Cities That Have Voting Issues?

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” asked why it seems that every time there are voting problems and anomalies at the ballot box, it occurred in Democrat-run cities in major swing states.

Supporters of President Trump have been watching the voting results slow to a crawl with the rare exception of the massive vote dump in favor of Joe Biden.

“It’s always Democrat strongholds where this is a problem,” Sexton said. “And I point this out and they block my tweets and there’s problems.”

Sexton pointed to allegations that poll-watchers were barred from some vote-counting facilities.

“Why aren’t Republican poll-watchers allowed to be there if they’re misbehaving in some way if they’re breaking the law? Well, then call the police. That’s a separate issue. But why would you want to block poll-watchers? There’s a very clear effort here to prevent the transparency that liberals are so fond of talking about whenever it’s suiting their interests.”


Sexton said it is interesting how the media reacts to allegations against Republicans as compared to Democrats.

“Whenever a Republican or a conservative or anybody pleads the fifth on anything, it’s all, ‘This person’s guilty.’ And whenever a Democrat does that same thing, it’s just exercising their constitutional rights. We all understand the double standard. It’s ridiculous.”

Sexton said, if when all the legal fights and votes are counted, and Trump emerges victorious, the liberal media at CNN and Democrats will go into complete meltdown.

“I mean, the left will make what they’ve been doing all summer, I think look like a picnic. I mean, they’re going to just everything that they can do because, in their minds, remember, they think that the president has stolen the election twice. They think this would be the second time around” that Trump managed to cheat.”

Sexton said that he is fine with voter suppression for dead Americans.

“I would love to be able to send my ballot to help out my Republican brothers and sisters in Pennsylvania, but I live in the Communist People’s Republic of New York City. But I could have voted. I’m a U.S. citizen, so why can’t I vote in Pennsylvania? Because we have rules and we either believe in all the rules and the enforcement thereof, or we believe in selective application based on political necessity.”

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