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Coronavirus Lockdown Protests Not a Democrat, Republican Issue: Sexton

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” said Monday that the coronavirus protests that are emerging across the U.S. are not a Republican vs. Democrat issue, and said it is a fight over whether we live in a free society or not.

Sexton has been a critic of earlier lockdown orders, and accused them of being based on unproven science. States and cities that have already enforced mask mandates in public are still seeing a dramatic rise in cases, so how effective are these mask and social-distancing guidelines?


More business owners are standing up to health officials enforcing these new mandates. The Buffalo News reported that about 50 business owners joined supporters inside an Upstate New York gym and confronted authorities from Erie County on Friday.

Robby Dinero, the owner of the gym, told the paper that the state’s mandates are arbitrary. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the state’s Democrat, banned indoor dining and also closed businesses that he deemed “high-risk,” which include gyms and barbershops.


A video of the confrontation went viral on social media and showed several people telling the officials to “Get out! Get Out!”

People in the video told the officials that they were not welcomed and, unless they produced a warrant, could not remain on the private property.

Sexton said the confrontation made him “proud to be an American, because of what the business owners said. they stood their ground and the little health Department bureaucrats realized, “Oh, we’ve got a problem here.’”

“You don’t get to subvert the constitution, go get a warrant. You see the health Department inspectors are used to just being able to show up and do whatever they want” with the aide of law enforcement. “But the business owner said, ‘No, we don’t want you. You’re not allowed here acting on an anonymous tip.”

Sexton said that we do not live in a totalitarian society where any mandate handed down by a Democrat governor drunk on his own power decides to prevent you from coming down with a virus that seems to be most dangerous for a very small percent of the population.

“We do not live in a society where you could tell people they cannot see their loved ones on a holiday or any day for that matter,” Sexton said.  

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