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Covid Rules Are For The Little People

How many more Democrat governors and mayors have to expose themselves as massive covid hypocrites before a majority of Americans realize what a scam their lockdowns are?

The moment our pandemic overlords decide something is important for them, the rules are either suspended or ignored. Meanwhile, the rest of us are stuck in this mask and social distancing purgatory.

In most states- it’s not advice, it’s a command- we must wear masks constantly. This includes while running on the treadmill or doing deadlifts in the gym, lest we incur the wrath of someone nearby who insist they “listen to the science” and obey “the experts.” They may even tell you to “mask up between sips” at the water fountain.

You can’t go out to eat in the entire state of California, indoor or outdoor, as your breath is now considered a bioweapon. In New York City, if you walk around on the street without mask on, some mask Karen will glare at you like you’re clubbing baby seals. Oregon wants people to snitch on neighbors who have too many family members in their home. It’s all nuts.

Dr Fauci has turned into a totalitarian Jiminy Cricket of unwanted health advice. The Left reveres him for all his pointless nagging.  It wouldn’t be surprising if portraits of Fauci hung over the desks of CNN anchors the way Kim Jong Un is displayed in North Korean households.  Maybe they can take some idiotic mask selfies to share on Twitter, right before taking the mask off when nobody is around. It’s not about a virus, it’s about virtue signaling.

Why should we listen to these people if they don’t believe what they say?

Stop asking questions, peasant! That’s their real answer. They don’t say it that way, they just show you. You see it in the actions of the very politicians who pretend to care the most about masking, social distancing, and the rest of the medical mantras that have been jammed into our brains. They tell you the lockdowns are for your own good, and if you don’t care enough about that, you literally risk committing homicide anytime you step outside without a mask on.


No more Constitutional protections for you. No more fresh air. The authoritarians lockdowners can’t allow you to put the rest of society at risk by breathing normally, seeing loved ones, or opening your business. Checkmate.

Of course, you can’t expect the people making these decisions to live by them. Lockdowns are important for you, but very inconvenient for them.

Governor Gavin Newsom? Hey, can’t let the pandemic rules ruin the vibe at French Laundry.

While Newsom was chomping down on housemade paté, millions of Californians were being denied the right the basic American right to walk into a burger joint, sit down, and have a cheesburger- because of Gavin Newsom.

Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago? Sure, covid outside is so dangerous you need a mask- unless Joe Biden is declared the election winner. Then Chicago is suddenly one big virus free street party.


Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have time to get covid relief funds passed, but she certainly has time to get an illegal blowout at a fancy San Fran salon. Diane Feinstein flies private, and apparently the virus only attacks the impoverished rabble who fly coach, because Diane walks through the terminal sans mask. We’ve seen it all, folks.

So many frauds, so little time (and all Democrats!). It’s almost like they don’t believe the things they say about covid, they’re using their newly seized powers for their own political ends, and at the end of the day, no matter what they say otherwise, covid rules are for the little people.

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