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Dems Were Effective in Distracting from Their Own Skeletons in Closet

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” said Thursday that the Democrat Party’s four-year “smokescreen operation” that attacked President Trump over false allegations that he colluded with Russia seems to have played a useful purpose in distracting people from high-level Democrats who are the country’s true national security threat.

In the past week, Axios released a blockbuster story that tied Rep. Eric Swalwell with an alleged Chinese spy and Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, announced that there is an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware into his taxes.(Politico, citing its own sources, reported that the investigation covers more than just taxes and includes a probe into potential money laundering and his foreign ties.)


“This is not something that was cooked up by lib, unethical journos at the New York Times or [former FBI director] James Comey and some other smug weirdos at the DOJ,” Sexton said. “This is real. Here we are just a month or so past the election, still have challenges in the courts, I know, but the Election Day has come and gone and now they’re like, ’Yeah, I turns out [Hunter] Biden is under serious criminal scrutiny right now.”


It is remarkable all that has unfolded after the 2020 presidential election. There are several vaccines for the coronavirus, the Hunter Biden scandal that was snuffed out by CNN and Big Tech in order to get Joe Biden elected now has an official investigation and Swalwell, who was one of Trump’s most fierce critic, seems to be on the fast track to becoming as irrelevant as Michael Avenatti. Don’t remember him? Google “Stormy Daniels.”

Sexton said the news media actively lied to the American people prior to the election. He said they lied so that they could kick Trump out of office and make up for hoe the president owned them in 2016. Joe Biden was a sub-par candidate and nobody cares about Sen. Kamala Harris. So the media did their best to mute Trump, label him a coronavirus super-spreader and jump on the Hunter Biden grenade.  

“I thought Joe Biden was going to restore honor and dignity to the White House,” Sexton said. “that’s what they told us. I thought that you Biden was a totally straight shooter. I thought that Joe Biden was somebody that we didn’t have to worry about. Good-old Scranton Joe…Blue Collar Joe.”

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