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Hunter Biden Exposes the Fact We Are Living in a ‘Post-Journalism’ World

Whether or not any reporter can approach a story with a completely unbiased lens is debatable. We are all the result of our upbringing, socio-economic standing and natural political slants. (Even the moderates are biased to moderation.) And the hallmarks of a good reporter was once someone who dealt in facts. (No, not a “fact-checker” from CNN.) These old-school reporters would report on a topic, attempt to fairly present both sides and then let the truth speak for itself.


But there’s a new approach to journalism that has been gaining steam since President Trump took office. Television reporters– many of whom dreamed of acting careers before settling on journalism– no longer have to pretend to present the news fairly. The trend started with Trump. Reporters like Jim Acosta presented the news as though it is a fight of fight good versus evil; truth versus lies; love versus hate.


Remember, division sells.

And this time, the media has Big Tech’s support, Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show” said Friday. Twitter can identify and promote some tweets, hide others and eliminate those that don’t meet its “standards.” The best example of how the media works with Big Tech is when NBC News was reportedly caught trying to get The Federalist “deplatformed” on Google.

But Sexton pointed to the apparent coordinated effort by mainstream media and Big Tech to completely shut down the Hunter Biden allegations as a watershed moment in the media landscape. News organizations like CNN simply pretended the story was not there and gave their platforms to guests who called the Hunter Biden story– you guessed it– Russian propaganda.

“They don’t care,” Sexton said. “They don’t care that you and I know. I think that’s important. We used to believe that if we held a light up to them, if we were able to express our outrage at how they violated their principles” there would be some responsiveness from their side.

Sexton said that these Big Tech firms are laughing at conservatives behind closed doors because they own the platforms. They’ll do the same exact censoring in the future and just “giggle in our faces and say, ‘Oh, yeah. Sorry. I guess we made a mistake. I guess we had a little bit of a slip up on the Hunter Biden stuff. Oh, we’ll do better in the next election.’”

“We are now in a post-journalism world in this country where all we have are these warring propaganda machines,” he said.

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