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Judge Emmet Sullivan is the New Face of Trump-Derangement Syndrome

Move over Rep. Eric Swalwell, who has enough problems, the new face of Trump Derangement Syndrome is Federal District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, who just couldn’t resist getting in a 43-page parting shot on Gen. Michael Flynn.

Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” said reading Sullivan’s opinion is “what the final stage of Trump Derangement Syndrome looks like.”


“Gen. Flynn is an innocent man,” Sexton said on his radio show Wednesday. “They ruined this guy and they used the law to settle political scores against him.”

He continued, “It was a partisan hit. That’s what they did to Gen. Flynn. We all know it. This is very clear. It took a parson from the President of the United States to get a federal judge to stop going after him.”

NBC News reported that Sullivan ended up dismissing the charges at a Tuesday hearing but—similar to Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller in the Russia investigation—said the results does not mean Flynn is innocent. Flynn had pleaded guilty twice about conversations he had with a then-Russian ambassador to the U.S., but it was later reportedly revealed that Flynn was targeted, so he withdrew his pleas.


Margot Cleveland, a senior contributor to The Federalist, wrote that pleading guilty to a crime “you didn’t commit isn’t a crime, and the evidence the special counsel’s office buried has established that is exactly what Flynn did: He pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in violation of Section 1001 while innocent of the charge.”

Sullivan wrote, according to NBC News, “Mr. Flynn is not just anyone; he was the National Security Advisor to the President, clearly in a position of trust, who claimed that he forgot, within less than a month, that he personally asked for a favor from the Russian Ambassador that undermines the policy of the sitting President prior to the President-elect taking office.”

Sexton said that it is a shame that Flynn was scapegoated and had to go through these years of legal abuse.

Sexton said Sullivan has demonstraited that he should not be allowed anywhere near a bench and he is a “disgrace to the judiciary.”

“But he shows you what you’re up against,” he said.

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