Sunday, May 16, 2021

Operation Warp Speed: Covid-19 Vaccines Will be Available to Every American by June

Admiral Brett Giroir said that he expects that Covid-19 vaccines will be available to every American who wants to take them by June 2021.

“We are clearly on schedule. 20 million vaccinations distributed by the first week in January, we expect another 30 million in January, another 50 million in February,” said Giroir on Fox News Sunday.

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“And with the current contracts, even with just the vaccines we have right now, we still expect that any American who wants a vaccine can be vaccinated by June. That’s really very exciting. That means a couple hundred million people being able to be vaccinated by that time.”

This is a huge achievement for “Operation Warp Speed” and the Trump Administration.

President Trump has committed to providing free or low-cost COVID-19 countermeasures to the American people as fast as possible. “Any vaccine or therapeutic doses purchased with US taxpayer dollars will be given to the American people at no cost,” reads a statement from the HHS website.

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