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Why We Must Fight to the End in Georgia Too

Millions of you are rightly furious about what happened in this presidential election.

It all feels wrong. The electoral college is meeting to certify an election result that you know deep in your soul is just unfair. The Democrats changed the election rules in bad faith and there are hundreds of sworn affidavits alleging fraud. There’s also a seething rage that the media openly, aggressively stifled information about Hunter Biden so Joe could win.

The media rigged the game.

Journos used to pretend to be guardians of the sacred virtues of this Republic while acting like underhanded political hitmen for the DNC. Now they just do it out in the open. They’re Left wing activists and cannot be trusted. With their ideological comrades in social media stacking the deck even further in their favor, they’re feeling more flush with power than they have in a long time.

This election, the fix was in, and it was blatant.

As for the final outcome, yes, the fight continues. Trump still has legal challenges underway. It’s not over until it’s over, and that means until every step in the process to check and challenge this election is exhausted.

But while we push for answers around the presidential race, we cannot lose sight of another looming battle- for Georgia’s Senate seats. In less than a month, Republicans will either control the United States Senate or lose their majority based on those two races.

The implications of this will be enormous for the country.

Without Senate control, the most radical elements of the Democrat party will be limited in their ability to enact the worst policies. You’re not going to get a Green New Deal or “pathway to citizenship” for 11 (or more like 20) million illegal immigrants through a GOP-controlled Senate, no matter how many pandering speeches Joe Biden gives on the subject.

If, however, Democrats manage to take the two Georgia Senate seats on January 5th- all bets are off. The pressure from the hardcore activist Left on Biden will become immense, and his opportunistic instincts will take over. The socialist-progressive wish list will be attainable and Biden will be bent to their will.

First, they will eliminate the filibuster. Then they will move for expanded amnesty for illegals, to eventually move to full legalization for everyone in the U.S. illegally. Add to that statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico, maybe some Supreme Court packing, and the GOP will become a quaint opposition party relic for decades to come.

We simply have to win those Georgia Senate seats.

Every conservative in the state needs to vote, and get out to the word to others. National level GOP organizations need to mobilize everything they’ve got. Trump and Pence have been stumping there, and need to keep the pressure on. Conservative media has to make the case and raise the alarm for all eligible, legal GOP voters to show up and make sure we pull this off.

It’s an all hands on deck situation.

As a Trump supporter, I know it feels awful right now, or even hopeless. It’s like the Germans have just taken Paris with the November election. It’s a shock, it’s wrong- but our answer cannot be to allow the Germans, so to speak, to take London next. Doubling down on a loss won’t transform it into a win. Now is the time to dig in and fight on all fronts.

Every patriot who can lend a hand in this needs to mount up- and vote. Georgia on January 5th may be liberty’s last redoubt.

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