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Cuomo: Increased Crime is Compounding Problems in NYC

“If you look at the economic cycles, you are not going to have a strong economy if you don’t get the crime issue under control,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at his press briefing on Friday.

“I’m old enough to remember, and I’m a native New Yorker, not that we don’t love people who move in, but I was born here, I grew up here, I remember what it was like,” continued Cuomo. “And the rate of crime, the strength of the economy, there’s a parallel. And we have some problems we can’t figure out, we can’t cure covid yet because we can’t produce the vaccine.”

“Fighting crime. Restoring the relationship with the community that we know how to do. And use this as an opportunity. It was already clear that you had to reform the relationship between the police and the community, it was already clear that this was not working. You’re not even using the NYPD, right? Everything is the sheriff’s department now. There’s only 150 sheriffs. I never heard of the sheriffs being used to do these types of activities before. So clearly, there was a problem.”

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