Matt Gaetz: Republicans Should Oust Liz Cheney

Kevin McCarthy needs to hold a vote on Liz Cheney, and if he doesn’t, the Republican conference is a total joke,” Rep. Matt Gaetz told Tucker Carlson on Fox News on Thursday.

Gaetz traveled to Wyoming on Thursday and spoke in front of a crowd gathered at the steps of the Wyoming state capitol repeatedly slamming Rep. Liz Cheney as a member of the Washington “establishment in both political parties have teamed up to screw our fellow Americans for generations.”

“We are in a battle for the soul of the Republican party, and I intend to win it,” said Gaetz at the rally. “You can help me break a corrupt system. You can send a representative who actually represents you, and you can send Liz Cheney home — back home to Washington, DC.”

“More than half of the Republican conference has said that this person does not speak for us,” insisted Gaetz during the interview with Carlson. “Now, you and I both know the Republicans basically have no power in Washington D.C. right now. The only power we have is to communicate and if the person we’ve designated to communicate for us as the conference chair doesn’t have the support of the majority of the conference, it is a total fiction you’ve created regarding the entire structure of leadership.”

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