Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Burgess Owens: Democrats Are Going Crazy Fast To The Left

“I have so much faith in American people, because I was raised knowing my history and I understand now beginning and I realize that God in heaven has blessed our country with the concept of freedom. And no country is better than we have. So the great thing we have right now to keep this in mind, we all need in life contrast, the reason why we appreciate family and a great thing to have, because we go sometimes go through those tough times and we come through tough times. Not only are we learning, we realize we can get through it and we have more hope the next time it comes around. We’re going through some tough times. Next couple of years of America’s contrast. For the first time, we have good Democrats, good independents, good Republicans having conversations that finally get the people talking again. Because I tell you one thing I can say, guys, it didn’t matter what party you brought up. If you don’t have a job, you’re not happy. If your kid’s not going to school, you’re not happy if you’re sitting there waiting for a vaccine and they’re going to give it to people at the border. You’re not happy people that are talking together with the people, the most important, the most powerful three words in the history of mankind, because we’ve come together in a sense of harmony. No one can defeat us. So the next couple of years have these good conversations with our friends. Let’s lower the temperature. Let’s listen a little bit more.

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“And at the end of the day, they’re going to we give them so much rope, they’re going to do themselves in by themselves. They’re going crazy. There’s nuts. They make no sense. They can’t go far enough, fast enough to the left and we say, wait a minute, so understand Americans across the board are feeling the same way. We’re going to be OK, guys. In in good guys win. We’re going to win this. So just hang in there.”

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