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DeSantis: Florida Leading On The Issues That Matter To Conservatives

“Florida is also leading and protecting our people from political censorship and in holding big tech accountable,” said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at CPAC 2021 on Friday.

“When our legislature convenes next month, it will pass and I will sign, the most ambitious reforms yet proposed for combating political censorship and deplatforming, for preventing big tech from interfering in our elections, and for safeguarding the privacy of your personal data,” continued DeSantis.

“In Florida, we are not going to let the terms of the debate in our country be set by oligarchs and Silicon Valley. Now, Florida’s leading on the issues that matter to conservatives, we don’t spout hollow rhetoric, we take decisive action. And what’s true in Florida is true for conservatives across the nation. We cannot we will not go back to the days of the failed Republican establishment of yesteryear.”

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