Don’t Ever Forget that Lockdowns Failed

A lot of powerful people owe millions of Americans an apology.

The data are in. The results are clear. Politicians, the media, and many vocal members of the scientific community were catastrophically wrong in demanding the most extreme “mitigation measures” against Covid-19. Stay-at-home orders, business closures, school shutdowns- none of it worked the way were told it would. Do a quick internet search and see. It’s obvious.

The Lockdowners’ demands have cost millions of jobs and trillions in lost productivity. Suicides, overdoses, and nationwide depression have skyrocketed. Millions of children have been kept out of school unnecessarily.

And what did we get in return? Lockdowners promised huge numbers of lives would be saved if we listened to them. Meanwhile, January of 2021 was the single worst month of the entire pandemic, with over 90,000 dead. If that’s successful mitigation, what would failure look like?

The cold hard truth is that the advocates of Faucism have made everything worse. It’s impossible to look at the covid data in Florida, California, New York, and come to the honest conclusion that lockdowns were anything other than a disaster. Governors Newsom and Cuomo have showed appalling leadership. Governor DeSantis, on the other hand, should take a bow.

But the elites won’t admit these truths, ever, no matter what facts and data you present.

And while it’s beyond stupid to believe that this has been all Trump’s fault, it’s still a widespread Democrat mantra.

Somehow they ignore that major countries in Europe, South America, and Asia suffered terribly from covid, irrespective of their lockdown policies.

If it wasn’t for those irreverent, anti-science Trump voters, the Lockdowners are convinced America would have been just fine. Total lunacy.

And Lockdowners aren’t done ruining lives. They don’t want to give back power, and are obsessed with the belief they they’re still the smart ones in all this. They sneer from behind two masks (why not three?) at anyone who thinks those at low risk should return to normal life.

They’re going to drag out this misery as long as they can. No matter how many people get vaccinated and how low hospitalizations fall, there’s a large segment of the Fauci worshippers that will demand masking and social distancing for the rest of 2021- “just to be safe.”

Thanks to this zero risk tolerance mentality, America is suffering from a mass hysteria disorder as well as a viral pandemic.

This tyranny will continue until we make it stop.

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