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Get Ready to Fight ‘Forever Covid’

This is the nightmare some of us have been warning you about. You probably thought, for the last 3 or 4 months at least, that with highly effective vaccines in distribution, you might get your life back soon- maybe even by the summer of 2021. The masks would come off, schools and restaurants would all open, even weddings and concerts would be back in action.

Think again. The Lockdowners and mask cultists have other plans for you.

Now the media tells us with the pace of vaccinations and the spread of new strains, covid will be around for years, maybe even decades. It will become endemic, “like the flu.”

At a minimum, this means arbitrary, idiotic “mitigation” measures like mask mandates, filling out test and trace forms, and random temperature checks could become the new normal forever. And it will probably be far more intrusive and destructive than that.

One thing is for sure already: they’re going to drag out the pain, misery, and control as long as they can. Too many people have too much emotional investment in their “belief in science” (itself an absurd idea). It just feels so virtuous for MSNBC watchers to sneer at the evil anti-mask Trump supporters while working class people delivery their packages and food to them.

No, they aren’t in any rush to let you have your life back. Quite the opposite. They’ve conditioned much of the American pubic to become brainless sheep who do whatever bureaucrats with stethoscopes tell them, or at least what feckless politicians claim the experts say.

They’ve effectively created a turnkey totalitarian society. Do you really think they want to give all that power back before at least giving it a test drive for a year or two?

The Left loves to leverage a crisis, and this one lets them literally control your ability to breathe.

So they will find endless excuses to extend the Covid lockdown misery. You may have already figured this out, seeing as that totalitarian smurf in a lab coat Dr. Fauci has said that double masking is probably a good idea, until the virus is totally gone.

Actually, Fauci said two masks was logical, then he said there’s no science behind it, then Biden advisor Dr. Michael Osterholm said publicly two masks were worse than one, then Fauci said two masks can’t hurt, then he said they’re waiting on data from CDC to show whether two masks are in fact better (anyone wanna place bets on what that will say?). This all took place in about a week.

“Listen to the science!” they bleat.

This has become a rallying cry for those too frightened to think for themselves or too infatuated with controlling others to understand that life comes with risks and there is no perfect security.

Here’s what the science tells anyone who is being honest about it: open the schools, stop wearing masks outside, and everyone at low risk should start living normal lives. Not next fall, or next year- now. The lockdowns did not work, and weren’t necessary. Florida is the real life experiment that proves it. This debate should be over.

But instead of embracing the truth- and the freedom that would come with it- the lockdown Left is doubling down. They want to tell you to mask up next winter, and the one after that too. Get ready for years of this madness.

Americans can either take back their freedom, or have it doled out to us in small doses like squirts of useless hand sanitizer.

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