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Governor Cuomo’s Cover up Collapse

Andrew Cuomo was hailed as the hero of the pandemic. It was all a fraud. But to understand the scale and depravity of the lies, we have to go back to his early months of handling COVID-19.

No other politician received the level of praise heaped on Andrew Cuomo for his COVID leadership. President Biden said he was the “gold standard” in fighting the disease. Back in July, Dr. Fauci said Cuomo did it “correctly” to bring the curve down in New York. Months later, Cuomo later said that he and Fauci could join up to be the “Pacino and De Niro” of COVID vaccination public service announcements. Cuomo seemed to enjoy his new celebrity status.

He wrote a book “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” that came out in the summer of 2020, while COVID was still ravaging much of the country. It didn’t matter. Cuomo was telling a story the libs wanted to hear. He even won an Emmy for his daily press conferences, and during the awards ceremony, celebrities like Spike Lee, Ben Stiller, and Rosie Perez slobbered praise all over the governor.

A term popped up for a while last summer- “cuomosexual”- to reference his alleged appeal. There was even chatter around the possibility of his late entry into the presidential field while the Democrat primary was still going on.

Now we have proof it was all a front. Cuomo not only failed to show heroic leadership during the pandemic- he may well be responsible for the single most disastrous decision of the entire ordeal. His arrogance and monumental stupidity could have condemned hundreds- if not thousands- of high risk seniors to die unnecessarily from COVID in nursing homes.

Cuomo’s record speaks for itself: over 15,000 seniors in nursing homes, dead on his watch. Overall, New York has the second highest COVID fatality rate of any state in the country.

And to make matters worse, Cuomo tried to cover up the nursing home data. The Governor of New York didn’t want the American people to know what an abject disaster he caused. So he hid it from us, which we now know only because his top aide Melissa DeRosa let it slip on a private phone call. They intentionally undercounted deaths by 50% because they didn’t want Trump and the DOJ to know what happened during the election season.

Cuomo and his team hid the truth from the people of New York. Why would he do that if there was nothing to hide? The governor currently claims that it was only staffers at the nursing homes who brought the virus into facilities, but that’s a very convenient explanation. He has lied on the issue so many times, he has sacrificed all credibility.

The whole country is now seeing that a Democrat governor who was an abject failure on COVID-19 response was somehow celebrated in the media for doing a great job. His anti-Trumpness was all that really mattered- not his bullying, poor decision making, or catastrophic failure by the numbers.

There’s a lesson here, but Democrats refuse to learn it, Cuomo denies it, and New York and the rest of the country will suffer more as a result.

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