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Rep. Zeldin: Andrew Cuomo Could be Guilty of ‘Obstruction of Justice’

“There is an admission of what could be obstruction of justice,” said Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) on “America Reports” on Friday while referring to the handling of information about the death toll in nursing homes in New York State from Governor Adrew Cuomo and his team during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.

“AP reported that over 9,000 infected patients were placed with healthy nursing home residents,” continued Zeldin. “So as a result of the deaths that came in the weeks and the months following this late March policy, this mandate, there were a lot of requests for information, for data, for numbers on nursing home deaths and more, and then a cover-up started.”

“There were requests from the feds to the state for information on it, and the state wasn’t providing … I believe, and my colleagues in the New York congressional delegation believe and many others as well, that there should be a an investigation into this … There is an admission of what could be obstruction of justice …”

“The investigation is what you need to do to determine who specifically should be held accountable from the criminal justice standpoint. Obstruction of justice seems to be admitted in what the New York Post was reporting late yesterday … There are thousands of New York seniors who passed away as a result of this policy, and you can’t look at this as data or numbers. It’s families like Janice’s and so many others where they lost a father or a mother or grandmother or grandfather and aunt and uncle and they’re demanding accountability.”

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