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The Trials of the Trump Deranged

The Senate begins another impeachment trial today, this one of a former President, Donald Trump. He holds the distinction of being the first president impeached twice as well as the first to go through this process after leaving office. In order to “protect our democracy,” Democrats are making a mockery of it.

They insist this is necessary because Trump’s a uniquely evil and dangerous figure in American history. There’s a much simpler explanation for a repeat performance of this Congressional absurdity, however:

Trump broke the libs.

From the start, everything about Donald J. Trump as president was an affront to Democrats. They abhorred his policies and vision. They detested his “MAGA” slogan, his roughness with journalists on Twitter and his constant goading of our fraudulent ruling class. His refusal to bend the knee at the altar of political correctness was sacrilege. They even hated his hair and his orange-hued skin.

Opposition to Trump was never rooted in fairness or decency. Anything and everything was justified to take him down. The Democrats, Deep State, and corporate media colluded to create a Russiagate hoax that was meant to end Trump’s presidency and cause the ruination of his brand and family. The Left could care less that it was all based on a big lie.

Unhinged anti-Trumpism at its core was always a selfish tantrum of the elites. They felt that one of their own was holding up the mirror to their incompetence and vanity in front of the whole nation. For the powerful within the political establishment- including the Romneyite wing of the GOP- Trump’s 2016 win was an unpardonable sin.

Now the Senate Democrats want to conduct a political exorcism.

But it’s going to be a clown show.

What exactly do they hope to achieve with this? No serious person believes that the Senate will reach a 2/3 vote for conviction. Any Republican in a red state voting to convict Trump would be committing political suicide. The Trump base would- rightly- take it as an insult meant to humiliate 75 million Trump voters.

The Post Presidency Impeachment Debacle

But that’s really the point of it all- the vindictiveness. And Democrats think they can achieve that with a Senate trial that will allow their stooges in the news media to run stories on loop about “Trump’s incitement to insurrection.” This is about narrative creation, and the destruction of the Trump brand.

It’s certainly not about what’s best for justice, the Constitution, or the country.

Nobody even remembers what the first farce impeachment of Trump was about. This one will soon fade out of the public’s mind as well.

What will linger is the recognition that former President Donald J. Trump drove much of the Democrat Party insane, and now that psychosis will define much of the Biden agenda.

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