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Anti-police riots continue in the cities of Seattle and Portland

Last week, rioters set fire to an occupied federal courthouse in downtown Portland. Thankfully, the flames were extinguished without any injuries.

On Thursday, outside a Chase Bank in Portland, Oregon, a security guard is forced to draw down on a violent group of anti police rioters, plywood and chain link fencing once again becoming a common sight on the streets of several major cities in the Pacific Northwest.

Meanwhile, the city’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, is struggling to control not only the riots, but a surge in violent crime across Portland, with the recently announced he would seek two million dollars of funding for police and other agencies. The request is an about face for the city, which last year voted to cut nearly 16 million dollars from the law enforcement budget.

So is the city of Portland reaping what it has sown?

“The media only paid attention when they could use it to blame on Trump,” said Andy Ngo a journalist and author of “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s radical plan to destroy democracy” on The First TV on Monday.  “And as the riots continued on and Trump went out of office and the rights to continue, they don’t focus on that anymore.”

“So in Portland now, we’ve had four straight days of protests, most of which turned to riots,” continued Ngo. “That footage that you showed of the people trying to break inside the Chase Bank, that happened last Thursday. And then the following night, rioters damaged severely the exterior of the federal courthouse.”

Ngo pointed out that the rioters are targeting the courthouse because “they hate America and they don’t recognize the rule of law, and so courthouses, police stations, anything that has to do with criminal justice system, they view as targets.”

“So as I’ve said before, they’re really trying to push cities like Portland and Seattle past the point of return so that recovery is impossible so that they can move in with the power vacuums and create autonomous zones, as they did in Seattle last year that they did in December and Portland. There’s an ongoing autonomous zone right now in Minneapolis.”

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