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Biden’s Border Crisis is His Most Predictable Debacle Yet

It’s not possible Democrats didn’t see this coming. Nobody is that stupid, not even cognitively impaired “who’s my Secretary of Defense?” Joe Biden. The Left wants de facto open borders, and now we are seeing what that looks.

The U.S.-Mexico border is spiraling out of control because when millions of impoverished Central Americans have reason to believe they can skip the legal immigration process and stay in America forever just for claiming phony “asylum,” they show up in large numbers and demand processing as soon as they can.

In case you’re wondering whether this is really because of Biden- there are photos circulating of migrant groups wearing “Biden let us in” t-shirts at the border. It’s a completely logical response on their part to the open borders madness of the Democrat party. Of course they want to get into America now- President Biden’s party has no intention of sending them home, ever.


But even for those who want de facto open borders, the situation down south is a mess. They can’t process and house the surge fast enough. Border Patrol logged over 78,000 migrants at the border in January- the highest number for that month in a decade. For February, the number is expected to be over 100,000. Biden and his flacks can play word games all day with whether or not this is a “crisis,” but anyone with an IQ higher than a toaster knows what this is.

It’s not only adults who are showing up in large numbers demanding entry. The number of border crossing children in U.S. custody, according to the New York Times, has doubled in the last two weeks to over 3,250. Who is sending these children alone, across cartel controlled smuggling routes, to the U.S.? What is the end goal of this for the adults involved? We aren’t allowed to ask those questions.

Remember when “kids in cages” was one of the favorite criticisms the Left leveled against Trump in 2018? The media insists is so different, but it’s not. Thousands of children are being held in what looks like minimum security prison conditions, for terms longer than allowed under the law.

Instead of trying to stem the flow, the Biden administration is scrambling to find ways to make the most comfortable arrangements possible for anyone who is intentionally scamming our immigration system. The whole purpose of the human waves currently showing up- just like the caravans of previous years- is to overwhelm the mechanisms of control at the border. Hundreds of thousands of “migrants” are likely to cross in the months ahead.


Biden and the Democrats are directly responsible for this tsunami of illegal entry into America. They’ve gutted enforcement provisions and Border Patrol morale while making it simple for anyone who shows up at our southern border to stay in America.

This crisis is going to stretch on for months, get much worse, and eventually result in a Biden-Pelosi-Schumer push for massive amnesty.

If Democrats get their way on that, there won’t be any electoral consequences for the lawlessness currently underway, because America will be fully on its way to one party state status. The GOP will be toast. And if the border stays open, limited government conservatism and Constitutionalism will become quaint relics of the past.


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