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Cuomo’s Not Going Unless Democrats Pry His Fingers From the Governor’s Desk

Has there ever been a faster descent for a celebrated politician?

Last Summer, Governor Andrew Cuomo was polled as the second most trustworthy Democrat politician in America, just behind Barack Obama. He got an Emmy for his daily COVID-19 briefings and a reported seven-figure book deal for his “leadership” during the pandemic.

His superfans started to use the term “Cuomosexual” and media referred to him as the “Love gov.” There was even talk of him throwing his hat in the ring of the 2020 Democrat presidential primary at the very last minute. The Cuomo cavalry was going to arrive just in time to beat Trump, they thought.


Now, Cuomo is under siege, surrounded on all sides, and the forces demanding his ouster are closing in. It’s been an astonishing turnabout for a man who not long ago was doing victory laps on his brother’s CNN show, making jokes about who their mom liked more and oversized Q tips.

The list of Democrats who have publicly called for Cuomo to go keeps growing. Senator Chuck Schumer– the most powerful national level politician in New York State- wants him out. So does a majority of New York State’s congressional delegation, including Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Ditto Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Meanwhile, the number of named sexual harassment accusers has also gotten longer. Currently six women have come forward, all telling similar-sounding stories of a governor who liked to harass women and leverage his power for sexual access. And there could be more allegations still coming.

In response to all this, Cuomo says he won’t bow to “cancel culture,” which is an absurd defense. This is not about a beloved children’s book that fails to meet the standards of wokeness or the handsy antics of a French cartoon skunk. These are credible allegations from numerous women who are alleging behavior that- while not necessarily criminal in conduct- definitely crosses the line into creepy and wrong.

And this isn’t even the worst part. The corporate media and the Democrat Party are fixated only on the “me too” allegations against Cuomo. But the gravest offense that Cuomo committed while governor has nothing to do sexual harassment. It’s his nursing home catastrophe.


Through his executive order on March 25, 2020 that ordered those facilities to take back COVID-19 positive patients, Cuomo puts thousands of senior in additional mortal peril in nursing homes. His order was autocratic, reckless and unthinkably stupid.

To make matters worse, now there’s ample evidence that Cuomo and his goon squad of gubernatorial aides covered up the actual death toll in the nursing homes by 50%. The number went from about 8,500 to 15,000 dead. That’s not an honest math error- it’s fraud. And there’s a federal investigation on it already underway.

Cuomo simply shouldn’t be in charge of the fourth largest state in America. That much is clear.

But he absolutely does not want to go. Andrew Cuomo is one of those politicians who lives for the office he holds. He defines himself by it, and cannot imagine the future without it.

This guy is going to use every trick in the book- all the coercion, manipulation, favor trading, threats, and scheming- that he has learned during a lifetime of state politics. He knows stepping down would be the end of his career as well as his legacy, so that’s not going to happen. They will have to impeach and remove him, and it’s going to be like pulling a honey badger out of its den.

Will that happen? It’s all going to come down to whether Democrats on the New York legislature decide that the wrath of the Empire State’s tyrant is less threatening than the implosion of whatever credibility Democrats have when it comes to the “believe women” narrative.

The odds are moving against Cuomo- but never count out a guy who fights dirty and has nothing left to lose.

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