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Democrats Just Want a More Orderly Border Crisis

We have an ongoing immigration debacle at the U.S.-Mexico border, but our political parties have two completely different views of what makes it a problem.

If you believe in American sovereignty and the rule of law, the crisis is simply that we have a de facto open border. Over 100,000 illegal aliens a month are flooding into the United States because they know the Democrats will let them stay and want to give them amnesty. More are coming every day. It’s making our legal immigration system look like a big joke.

If you’re the Biden White House, on the other hand, the problem at the border is there are so many illegals crossing into the U.S., they can’t be processed fast enough. As detention facilities for unaccompanied minors (not “kids in cages”- that’s only for when Trump is in office) overflow, the American people are starting to figure out what’s going on.

All the Biden administration talk of a “humane immigration policy” was a giant invitation to illegals from all over the world to game the process and skip to the front of the line. That’s now a political problem for Democrats who are hoping that a coalition of Leftists, corporatists, and GOP establishment elites can ram through amnesty before the Americans realize the electoral map is being transformed forever.

This is where everyone has to realize that the Biden Democrats and the rest of the country aren’t on the same page. When DHS Secretary Mayorkas says “Do not take the journey now, give us time to build an orderly, safe way into the United States”- he’s giving away the game.

Democrats aren’t upset about all the foreigners flooding into America- they love that as long as they provide reliable votes. What bothers Joe Biden and his handlers is that the facilities meant to process these illegals are bursting at the seams. The optics of overflowing detention areas are so poor that Americans are starting to say, “what the heck is going on down there?”


What we’re actually seeing at the border is a collision of fundamentally different views of America’s future. Conservatives believe that immigration laws must be respected and enforced- which means stopping the flow of illegals. The Biden administration has no interest in stopping illegal crossings. On the contrary, it’s trying kick the door to America wide open in preparation for an amnesty that will end the GOP forever.

Biden isn’t trying to end the current avalanche of illegal entry- he just wants to control the flow better. Thousands of migrants flooding across the Rio Grande every day is just fine, as long as they can be comfortably processed and there aren’t news cameras showing the country what’s happening in real time.

Democrats are an open borders party in all but name. They want any foreigner who comes into America through whatever illegal or dishonest means to stay because it solidifies their power.

Wake up, America. Your country hangs in the balance.


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