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Hypersensitive Crybabies Have Seized American Institutions

“We just seem like we’re in this process of being an increasingly fundamentally unserious place with a lot of cultural self-immolation going on,” said Buck Sexton when asked on Fox News’s “Outnumbered” on how other countries see Americans.

“And what you have here are hypersensitive crybabies who have seized the commanding heights of American institutions, particularly institutions of culture, and they’ve created these rules that are constantly shifting. I mean, the truth is tyranny is not really strict rules. It’s capricious rules. You never know when the Wolke mob is going to forgive you or come after you. Obviously, if you’re a conservative, you never get forgiven. And so as we look at this, other countries are held together, at least by some shared sense of unity, identity, nationality, whatever it may be. We’re always pulling each other apart. Now we’re being pulled apart by people who aren’t even clear what the rules are themselves.”

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