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NYC Mayor Sickened by Cuomo’s Behavior: ‘I’ve Seen Him be Abusive’

“It sickened me, it sickened me,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio during an interview with New York City radio station Hot 97 on Monday.

Mayor de Blasio was referring to the recent statements and accusations of sexual harassment made by at least two women against Governor Cuomo.

“The thought of a powerful man trying to take advantage of his power, intimidate a young woman and just the sense that he was treating her like — again these are allegations and we need a full investigation — but if that was what truly happened it was like he was treating her like she was his property. Just disgusting, creepy.”

Governor Cuomo’s Cover up Collapse

“Sexual harassment is not funny,” continued de Blasio, “Who the hell tries to explain that by saying I was just joking around?”

“I’ve seen him be abusive in a way that would not be accepted by anyone in leadership,” the mayor said in the interview.

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