Thursday, June 24, 2021

Rev. Sharpton: Justice Must be Intentional and Deliberate in This Courthouse

Rev. Al Sharpton and the family of George Floyd spoke before the beginning of Derek Chauvin‘s trial in Minneapolis:

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“What kind of venom, what kind of hatred do you have that would make you keep pressing down that long while a man is begging for his life while a man is asking for his mother? At what point does your humanity kick in? At what point does the letter of the law kick in? At what point do you say, wait a minute, the guidelines kick in? This was not eight seconds. This was not a flash of anger. It became intentional and deliberate. And justice must be intentional and deliberate in this courthouse.”

“There is a law that has already passed the House of Representatives called the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act. It is now headed into the Senate. We are asking the Senate to pass that law so that the federal law can be there to prevent George Floyds from happening again. We stand with this family in the shadows of this courthouse to say there’s a jury in here and there’s a jury in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. Senate need to make federal law in the name of George Floyd that would deal with all of this, that would supersede the state laws that give escape routes to policemen. I was in the room in Houston, Texas, where then candidate Joe Biden met with this family and promised that if he became president, he would fight for justice.”

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