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Sen. Sullivan: Biden’s Border Policy Created a Humanitarian and a Health Crisis

“The President and the vice president should come down and to see what we saw,” said Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) on ABC News on Sunday.

“They need to hear what we heard from officials who are on the front lines,” continued Sullivan. “There is an open border policy. There is a catch and release policy. And these were changes that the Biden administration instituted. And here’s the thing. They were warned. We talked to the officials who briefed the Biden team during the transition. They were warned that if they undertook these major policy changes, getting rid of, for example, the remain in Mexico policy and making sure that exceptions to Title 42 for families, bringing six year olds or under and four unaccompanied minors, if they made those changes, which they did, that they would see this surge.”

“So to me, it was shocking. I think the president and the vice president need to go down there, see what I saw, see what the other Republicans and Democrat congressmen are coming down there. There are things that we can do immediately to address the challenges there. But right now it is open borders. It’s a humanitarian and also health crisis that we need to address.”

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