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Ted Cruz: Biden Policies Serve as Magnet for Human Traffickers

“We spent four years of the Trump presidency with the media lighting their hair on fire, screaming about kids in cages,” said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on “Hold the Line with Buck Sexton” on The First TV on Tuesday.

“As you and I both knew and pointed out at the time, those cages were built by Barack Obama. And and right now, today, we’re seeing an incredible surge of unaccompanied children coming off across the border. And there’s a reason for it. There is a cause and effect, which is, Barack Obama and now, Joe Biden promise amnesty. They have told people if you come here as kids, you get to stay.”

Rep. Gonzales: Southern Border Is On Fire, And Biden Admin is Absent

You know, during the Obama administration, they asked all the unaccompanied kids who were coming, why are you coming at? The answer that they told DHS is because we get a “permiso,” in other words, we get here and we’re allowed to stay.

“And the problem is you’ve got little boys and little girls who are being handed over to human traffickers, to violent cartels. These little kids are being physically assaulted, sexually assaulted. It is grotesque. It is inhuman, and it is getting worse under Joe Biden because his policies serve as a magnet to putting those kids in the place of abuse. If you want to be humane, if you want to be compassionate, then you secure the borders and you prevent kids from ever being put in the custody of human traffickers.”


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