Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Texas Tells Lockdowners to Go Fauci Yourself

No more statewide mask mandate. Businesses 100% open. Much closer to normal life as of next week. These are the promises that the great state of Texas just made to its residents. Turns out freedom isn’t dead yet in America. There’s still some sanity left.

Governor Abbot has seen the light, and now wants to help lead the way for the charge against continued unnecessary lockdown madness and mask mania. It’s about damn time. Apparently Texas was getting a little jealous of all the love conservatives have thrown at Florida in the last few months. It’s a shame the Lone State state wasn’t following the Florida game plan all along, but we will take what we can get.

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There’s nothing radical about Texas’s move: it’s common sense. Cases in Texas have been plummeting for weeks, with the seven day rolling average at 7,600. That’s the lowest the number has been since October. The pandemic wave is rapidly passing, vaccinations are scaling up, and Texas wants to allow its people to start getting back to the business of living.

Fauci Blames United States for 500K Deaths: Where Was He?

The lunatic lockdown governors like Newsom have reacted in predictable fashion. “Absolutely reckless,” the unctuous fraud Newsom tweeted out in response to the Texas news. He’d prefer the plebs in California refrain from indoor dining. Makes it so much easier to get indoor reservations for him at French Laundry.

It’s astonishing after the winter America just went through- setting records for hospitalizations/deaths across the country despite months of masking and lockdowns –
so many (mostly) Biden voters still adamantly believe extended mask mandates are the key to saving us. Actually, it’s double masking now, as Dr. Fauci has recently discovered and the CDC soon afterwards parroted as guidance. “The science” can be so convenient.

And while lockdowners like Newsom will say it’s all about the “science,” the truth is big Democrat governors are prisoners of their own COVID politics. They’re terrified that freedom supporting states like Florida and now Texas will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that lockdowns come with enormous cost and little to no real benefit.

If New York and California keep businesses restrictions and masks mandates in place (and they will), but Texas removes them and continues right along with its current COVID trajectory, how could any person in good faith continue to argue that lockdowns were worth it- or even effective?

Here’s a prediction we will revisit in about 6 weeks: Texas’s COVID trend will continue to go down even without statewide mitigation and mask mandates. It will stay right in line with the national decline, despite all the hysterical nonsense that lockdowners are saying today.

They’re simply desperate to keep controlling your life, and to justify their authoritarian power grab over the past year. Plus they haven’t even gotten to leverage the pandemic for the “climate emergency” yet.

But they are wrong, again. Screenshot their hysterics now. Hold them to account later.

People are waking up. Continued lockdowns are madness. It’s about damn time.

God bless Texas.

Florida, make room on team freedom.

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