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We’ve Already Reached the ‘Told You So’ Part of the Biden Presidency

Remember what they said- all those laughable lies from the 2020 election cycle about the competent, moderate elder statesman from Delaware, Joe Biden?

You can trust good old Joe from Scranton! He’s not some radical commie who smashes in
the windows at Starbucks and comes up with new pronouns every five minutes.

He’s got more political longevity than a giant tortoise. In fact, Biden’s been around so long, when he first went to the Senate the U.S. was trying to wind down the war in Vietnam (seriously). How much damage could he really do as President?

Answer: just look at our southern border.

We are two months into the Biden presidency, and so far it’s an utter debacle. There are more illegal immigrant “kids in cages” being held than ever before, coming in at over 15,000. Illegal crossings have skyrocketed to well over 100,000 a month with no end in sight. Cartels are getting richer and our immigration laws look like a big joke.

And it’s all because of good old Joe. Migrants are showing up with Biden t- shirts on, and in recent national tv interviews they’ve told journalists that yes they’re coming in huge numbers because they believe Biden will let them in.

Democrats Just Want a More Orderly Border Crisis

The response of team Biden? Mostly, they swerve around the word “crisis” in press conferences as gracefully as a drunk hippo on ice skates. And when that doesn’t work, they try to blame everything on Trump. It’s a pathetic display. The DNC isn’t sending us their best.

None of this surprising; not the divisive Left wing executive orders on day one, the escalated authoritarian madness around masks, stalled lockdown recovery, rising gas prices, or growing sense that the stock market is going to crash. Biden is, as so many on the Right said all along, a Democrat figurehead, with no talent other than showing up and saying whatever works.

What we’ve got is the 3rd term of the Obama administration, but with Mr. Magoo playing the role of president. It’s tough to know what’s more frightening to declining, hiding Biden: press conferences or staircases.


The border crisis is just the most visible manifestation of this obvious reality: Joe Biden was never up for this job, and we can all see it. He has neither a vision for the nation’s future nor the leadership skills to take us there. He just spews the talking points and does what the handlers and advisors tell him to do.

Biden is supposed to be the great uniter? The healing leader for whom our nation was crying out? At this point it feels like a victory for the country whenever he doesn’t wander on stage mumbling incoherently about “the science.”
By the time the Democrats can’t hold up this absurd façade anymore, the media will be talking about how “President Harris” really needs to step in and take the reins. It’s not too far off.

And they will scoff at anyone who points out that we also expected that all along- just as they do now when Biden shuffles around and mouths the preferred slogans of his Marxist puppeteers. Exactly as we said he would.

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