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Biden May Have to Trump The Border

Turns out that the Democrat plan to make illegal immigration across the southern border as easy as possible was a really dumb idea. Who could have seen this coming!

The fundamental problem with the Democrats’ approach to illegal immigration isn’t insufficient Border Patrol resources, overcrowded “intake facilities” (also known as kids in cages) or hurricanes in Central America. This goes much deeper than that.

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The Biden White House has created the biggest border crisis in 20 years- perhaps ever- because the woke Democrats believe there’s nothing wrong with illegal immigration. It’s not a problem to be stopped, it’s a political opportunity to control and leverage.

Notice how you will never hear Biden or any of the Democrats talk about lawlessness at the border, or speak about the need to completely shut down illegal immigration. On the contrary, whenever Biden is asked about the issue, he squints into the camera and mumbles nonsense about “we’re a nation of immigrants” and talks about how mean Trump was about unaccompanied children crossing into the U.S.

Turns out the worst thing you can do as President for those migrants kids is create incentives for their parents to take advantage of asylum loopholes. That means desperate- and, if we’re being honest, reckless – parents from Central America send their children to take advantage of the lawless situation at our border.

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In doing so, they hand their own children over to cartel smugglers to be trafficked hundreds of miles across Mexico, and are often abused and sexually assaulted on the journey. Some have already drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande. It’s a nightmarish scenario that has caused a tremendous amount of unnecessary- and preventable- suffering.

And it’s occurring because Joe Biden wants to seem like a nice guy and he panders to the open borders Democrat base. If he really wanted this surge of migrants to stop, Biden would address the incentives that currently entice hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to enter the country illegally and then game our system to stay forever.

But the disastrous status quo just may be untenable for the Left.

DHS Chief Mayorkas said recently that he would like to see more criminal prosecutions of those who have repeatedly crossed into the U.S illegally. He wants to push sanctuary cities to help federal law enforcement with deportation cases. And yes, even some sections of The Wall are going to get filled in. That sounds like actual border security, doesn’t it?


It remains to be seen if the Biden White House will allow any of this, but let’s be very clear about what it would mean. We’re only a few months into the Biden presidency, and his border policy is such a disaster, the people who are in charge of turning it around are being forced to move toward the very Trump policies that the Biden team mocked and ridiculed from the start.

Allowing the migrant surge to turn into a tidal wave over the next 90 days isn’t a politically wise option if the Democrats want to avoid a midterm wipeout. The media is running out of ways to cover for them. Even if “Border Czar” Kamala Harris actually takes the time out of her busy schedule to visit the border debacle in person, it will amount to nothing more than a forgettable photo op.

Meanwhile, here’s the simple truth: there’s already a blueprint for fixing the border that has been around all along for anyone willing to see it: make border security Trumpy again.

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