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Border Crisis: Mexican Cartels Making Millions on Human Smuggling

The US-Mexico border is open. Anybody who tells you otherwise either doesn’t know what they’re talking about or is lying to you. Every Border Patrol and Texas National Guard member deployed to the Rio Grande sector had the same reaction when I asked them this question: “It’s open- and it’s the worst it has ever been.”

I flew down to McAllen, Texas this past week to see for myself. What I saw made me realize it’s worse than even I anticipated.

It was around midnight last Thursday, from a national guard observation post, when I saw the first raft crossing the Rio Grande. This was in Fronton, a remote area of the Rio Grande Sector of the border, about 90 minutes west of McAllen.

Within minutes of my arrival, there was a heavy exchange of small arms fire, including a belt-fed machine gun, just across the river. The cartels guard every inch of their territory along the border with ruthless efficiency.

Thanks to some borrowed night vision goggles, I was able to see the massing of illegal immigrants on the Mexican side of the river in the pitch blackness, and then the actual boat crossing. It took less than a minute.

Why would they be gathering in this way, in this remote location? I’ve seen dozens of migrants at a time merely surrender themselves on foot to Border Patrol in broad daylight in San Diego, El Paso, and McAllen. It happens every day all up and down the border.

Why would the cartels go through the trouble of a river crossing when they could collect the same fees to just have migrants walk across their plaza?

It’s all misdirection.

Human smuggling is only one component of the border crisis. Mexican cartels use the openings left by an overstretched Border Patrol to rush through vast quantities of contraband. These shipments include the opioids that were the primary substance behind 2020 as the worst year ever for American overdoses.

The human smuggling, systematic endangerment of children, mass illegal migration, and drug trafficking tidal wave that are all simultaneously rushing across our border are enormous problems that are only getting worse.

You certainly wouldn’t get that sense from the media coverage of the border crisis (they dishonestly avoid that word).

For them- and the Biden administration– this is solely about making sure that families and children who illegally cross into America are comfortably and efficiently processed. They pretend the other problems don’t exist, and anyone who brings them up is slandered as a “nativist.”

The adults who are scheming our immigration system, the cartels who are enriching themselves at the expense of American lives- none of this is addressed by the Biden administration, and it won’t be.

A lawless, reckless, open southern border benefits the Democrats in power- and so that is exactly what we have.

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