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Fauci is the Most Destructive Bureaucrat in Living Memory

He’s a loathsome, tyrannical little smurf, and every reasonable person sees it now.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has loved all this attention and power. Just check out the magazine covers, where he looks so hip with his sunglasses by the cool. He appears on CNN so often, one wonders if he lives on a tiny cot in the green room, always triple masked and ready to spew sanctimony.

About the actual pandemic, he’s been wrong many times on critical issues, and his throne shiners pretend it doesn’t matter. Fauci claims to be apolitical, but he manages to only anger the Right- NEVER the Democrats. What a stroke of luck for tiny Tony!

Despite recently stating that America’s pandemic response in 2020 was awful (wasn’t he in charge of that?)- somehow the little health policy Stalinist managed to keep his job and increase his influence in the Biden administration.

To be fair, he’s a bureaucrat hack, and a menace to freedom. Perfect for the Biden White House.

The latest installment from Fauci’s madness is about mask restrictions on vaccinated people. Why should people who are (depending on the vaccine) up to 95% protected from any Covid infection still walk around as though nothing has changed?

Ah, because vaccinated people can still “inadvertently infect others!” Here’s what the lil’ Faucer said on CNN over the weekend on this question:

“Obvious question is why are there any restrictions. There are because in a certain situation, one can vaccinated have no clinical disease at all but get infected and not even know it. And have replication of the virus in your nasopharynx and inadvertently transmit it to somebody else who might be unvaccinated and get ill. That’s the reason you want to wear a mask.”

First of all, he has no data to back this up. None. If he did, you’d have heard about it. This is pure conjecture. Does the rare vaccinated person who gets COVID have enough virus to pass it on to someone else? How often is that happening? He doesn’t know. Nobody does.

More importantly, whatever number is, it’s tiny. Even in a theoretical sense, the risk Fauci’s talking about of post-vaccinated virus spread is *infinitesimal* and absolutely unreasonable as a basis for further restrictions.

Believe it or not, Fauci is pretty dumb- but he’s not that dumb. The real reason he insists on keeping mask mandates in place for vaccinated people too is that he recognizes the minute some people can take off their masks, the whole system of panic-induced control starts to crumble.

That’s also why Fauci also won’t go on tv and tell everyone that masking outside is completely unnecessary. Even some of the libs are starting to admit this- slowly- because it’s so blaringly obvious. They can only parade so much stupidity in the name of “listening to science!.”

Fauci seems to be on tv every 5 minutes, so why won’t Fauci tell everyone the truth about outdoor masking?

Because he’s a coward, and he’s playing for Team Lockdown and Team Democrat before all else.

Wearing masks outside as a policy was always stupid, was never supported by actual infection data as a serious risk, and that libs think admitting this is some sort of concession now just shows how unhinged they’ve been all along.

But Fauci still won’t admit it. Nope.

The truth would set us free- and that’s exactly why Dr. Fauci won’t say it out loud.

Everyone has to mask up and bend the knee to Lord Fauci- or else more and more people will realize they don’t have to live on their knees anymore.

And they never should have.


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